Wes Browning - Owner of Sema FilmsWes Browning has spent the past 15 years as a film/video producer dedicated to telling stories that capture the human spirit. His passion is helping clients tell their stories through documentaries and promotional films. Wes has a particular  love for working with non-profits, which comes from his own experiences working in the non-profit sector.

Filming in Serengeti National Park -  Photo by Sema FilmsFor two years, Wes worked with Africa Exchange in Nairobi, Kenya to create a technology education program for children living in slums. During this time, he also provided partnering agencies support in emerging technologies and film production. Wes also lived in Tanzania for a year where he completed research for a future film on child-headed households.

Wes  lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Melissa and daughter, Olivia.



IDA – International Documentary Association
IFP – Independent Feature Project
RCC – Religion Communicators Council





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