Mother and Child in China -  Photo by Sema FilmsFor non-profits, we create films that help describe the mission of the organization and seek to pull people on board to join the organization in their work.

Bali Interview -  Photo by Sema FilmsEvery life has a unique story to tell. The same is true for non-profits that work diligently to contribute to the common good in their communities. Capturing the vision of your cause can be an exciting process, bringing out a deeper understanding of your work as you explore why you do what you do. Sema Films is here to listen to your story, and help you find new ways to tell it even better.

When you hire us to help represent your non-profit, we promise to create a unique film that will tell your story. Our promotional films do not look like typical promotional films. When you hire a filmmaker who has experience working for non-profits and is trained in documentary work, you’re hiring someone who understands that non-profits have unique needs and need a unique medium to tell their story. Concerned about cost? Click here. Check out some of our past non-profit work.




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