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Sema Films is a full service production company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Our services include documentaries, educational videos, non-profit videos, event coverage, corporate videos, directing, producing, editing, and camera operation. We’re here to help you tell your story.

Sun behind tree in Serengeti National Park Tree -  Photo by Sema FilmsOur Name

Sema (pronounced “say-ma”) means “to speak” or “to say” in Swahili, the language spoken throughout East Africa. In many ways, Sema Films had its start in Nairobi, Kenya where filmmaker, Wes Browning, filmed some of his first films for non-profits.

By naming the company Sema Films, Wes wanted to affirm what he had learned in East Africa about the importance of telling a good story. Good stories can speak hope into silence; they can transform communities; they can change the world. But change can’t happen unless these stories are spoken. This is what we do at Sema Films – we help you speak your story into existence. Sema is more than just our name – its our way of being in the world. Its an affirmation that voices are important, that stories matter. We believe that what you have to say about yourself or your organization is a story that needs to be heard. Helping you to tell your story is at the core of everything we do, that’s why we put it in the name.


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